I handweave my scarves and shawls in a smoke-free environment using highest quality yarns. Yarns I like to especially like to use include: cotton, tencel, merino, silk, and cashmere. Each item is woven with tlc. As well as custom designed tartans and plaids, my signature tartan is Winterbourne, and signature plaids are Avebury and Pomona.


Don’t take Sides…

like these. Whilst the scarf may be “handwoven and handcrafted”, once noticed, this stitching makes the scarf less special and not worthy of a premium price tag. My scarves are never stitched along the sides.

Let’s Twist Again

To make a twisted fringe, I find it quicker and easier to use a fringe twister:


The steps for making a twisted fringe:

  1. Remove the yarn that was woven in to hold the yarn threads in order.
  2. Decide how many threads you want to be in each twisted group.
  3. Divide the group of threads into two.
  4. Twist both groups the same number of times in the same direction until the groups begin to twist back onto themselves.
  5. Tie the ends of the groups together at their ends.
  6. Let go!